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Swiss Institute for Art Research
Schweizerisches Institut fur Kunstwissenschaft (SIK)
Zollikstrasse 32
CH-8032, Zurich, Switzerland
Tel +41 1 388 5151

Founded in 1951, the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIAR) is a centre for research in the fields of art history and technology, specializing on art in Switzerland. The documentation and information center in Zurich collects and archives material, such as press clippings, invitation cards, details on public art and correspondence. SIK is a partner of VEKTOR1

Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7
CH-4051 Basel
Tel +41 61 206 99 00
Fax + 41 61 206 99 19

Endowed with approximately 30,000 books and catalogues and subscribing to 20 art journals, the library of Basler Kunstverein provides excellent resources for a detailed overview of the development of contemporary art in an international context.

Archives Daniel Spoerri
Susanne Bieri
Hallwylstrasse 15
3003 Bern
Tel +41(0)31 322 84 81
Fax +41(0)31 322 84 63

Daniel Spoerri is a poet, and active in dance, mime and theatre. He is one of the artists who signed the Nouveau Realisme manifesto, and a prominent member of Fluxus. He is the inventor of Eat Art. He donated his entire archives in 1996 to the graphic collection of the Swiss federal state library in Berne. The archives cover correspondence (including projects with his artist friends,) and photo documentation which records his entire artistic activities, publications, films and clay/tone documents. Daniel Spoerri's future documents are to be integrated sequentially into the archive.

Center for the Contemporary Image Saint Gervase, Geneva, Switzerland
Centre for Contemporary Images
Saint-Gervais Geneve
5, rue du Temple
CH - 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel+41 22 908 20 00
Fax +41 22 908 20 01

The Center has a collection of digital or video works by artists. More than 800 videos and cd-roms can be seen on request by the public.