Survey: Art Omi, Inc

Posted August 05, 2010 by Anonymous
Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
International artist residency program
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$750,001 - $1,000,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
Art Omi International Arts Center works to further communication and exchange among writers, musicians, and visual artists by offering international working residencies in a peaceful country setting. Art Omi advances the scope of traditional artists’ retreats by introducing our residents to gallerists, publishers, critics, agents, curators and collectors who help them cultivate valuable career-networking opportunities. Art Omi has always recognized the importance not only of nurturing creative individuals, but also of bringing the arts to the public. Each of Art Omi’s residencies includes a public program-- the "Open Day" studio visits of the visual arts program, the Ledig House spring and fall authors’ readings, the Music Omi Collaborative Concert - in which our international residents share their work with the community at large. The Fields Sculpture Park, open year-round since 1998, provides hundreds of visitors with the opportunity to experience the impact of important international contemporary sculpture in striking natural surroundings. Educators, schoolchildren, and various community groups take advantage of Art Omi’s educational outreach program, and enrich their knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art and sculpture. Since its founding, Art Omi International Arts Center is guided by the principle that artistic expression is a vehicle that transcends economic, political, and cultural boundaries. By inviting a synergistic mix of artists, writers, musicians and dancers from all over the world to create a diverse, positive working community, Art Omi transforms this guiding vision into an exciting reality. It has been said that "Life imitates Art". It is the hope of all those who work on behalf of Art Omi that the world will emulate our artistic community in finding ways to remove those obstacles which separate people and nations from one another.
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2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.:
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2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.:
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