Survey: Allied Productions, Inc.

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Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Multipurpose artist-run umbrella fostering community arts building via collective process
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$0 - $50,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
Website Link to Mission Statement:
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
Allied Productions, Inc. provides management support in all areas of production. Since its Incorporation in 1981, its purposes have been to provide services and support to individuals, groups, and organizations actively involved in the production of visual, performing, and media arts. Allied has a proven track record for effective management. Allied’s contacts and resource lists are a vital reference for: • Locating funding sources for individuals, groups and organizations. • Locating and providing materials and work and production space. . • Assisting the general growth and development of individuals, groups and organizations actively involved in visual, performing and media arts .
2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.: 
Le Petit Versaillesis a community garden on the Lower East Side of Manhattan offering a Spring to Fall schedule of performances, visual art exhibitions, film, music, readings and multi media. Kembra Pfahleris the singer/composer lead of the band, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. She is a visual artist, fashion designer, actor, model, and entepreneur. Some past events and activities sponsored by Allied have been: P.O.O.L. EUROPEAN TOUR, 1983-84 Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland FOHO TELL DREAMS 1984 Danspace, NYC Large Scale Performance Work, THE ULTIMATELY CIVIL PROJECT AT TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK, 1985 three day festival funded by NEA Interarts Program PERFORMANCE WORKS, of Kembra Pfahler, Samoa, Jack Waters, Peter Cramer under NEA Interarts grant, 1986 NAKED EYE CINEMA CANADIAN CROSS-COUNTRY TOUR, 1988 MIAMI, THE LAST RESORT, 1989 Miami Beach, Florida: • Artist installations at the Leonard Beach Hotel • Group Exhibition at Galaxy Gallery • Performance Event at Club NU ARTCITE GALLERY, 1989 Windsor, Ontario: • ABC NO RIO RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION • NAKED EYE CINEMA FILM SCREENING • ALLIED PERFORMANCE GROUP VIDEO INSTALLATION MICHIGAN GALLERY, 1989 Detroit, MI. • GROUP EXHIBITION • NAKED EYE CINEMA FILM SCREENING • PERFORMANCES BY KEMBRA PFAHLER, SAMOA, AND CIRCLE X (music) ABC NO RIO 7 DAYS/10 YEARS AT KUNSTLERHAUS Hamburg, Germany 1991 10TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION OUT AND EXPOSED SHOW, LESBIAN AND GAY COMMUNITY CENTER, NYC 1992 EXHIBITION OF WORKS BY YOUNG LESBIAN AND GAY ARTISTS SEI DABEI, Hamburg Kunstlerhaus 1994 (PARTIAL LIST OF CURRENT AND PAST AFFILIATIONS ): ARDEN PARTY (Theater Company) CURIOUS THEATER COMPANY (Theater group and facility) P.O.O.L. (Dance and performance collective) ZONE (Visual art, music, film, media presenter) NAKED EYE CINEMA (International film exhibition) EMBARGO BOOK, LTD (Multi lingual literature outlet) ABC NO RIO (Multi-purpose exhibitionand performance space) NEW YORK FILM EXPO ( Annual film festival) KOO DANCE (Dance company) I. G. TIMES (Magazine publication focusing on graffitti and urban art and culture) ANTIUTOPIA (Limited edition print collection/magazine curated by artists Bruce Witsieppe, Bobbie Fultz, Eddie Rollins, & Tony Pinotti. Includes works of Leon Golub, Hannah Willke, & many other artists of international repute) BEATRICE ROTH- BROKEN CUPS (Theater/performance piece performed at The Performing Garage) FLORIDA PRESS (printing facility managed by artist Bobbie Fultz) CONSULTANTS TO Jenny Livingston (Paris Is Burning) ......And over 75 other group and individual projects supported by the New York State Council On the Arts, National Endowment On The Arts, Local Arts Councils, Corporate and Foundation Grants, and Individual support.
Website Link to Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History:
Part 3.
3a. Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals:: 
Peter Cramer
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Susan C. Brown
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Carl M. George
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Linda Richardson
3b. Could any of these individuals assist in providing an oral history of your organization?: 
Part 4.
4a. Is organization currently active?: 
4b. Year activity suspended if no longer active.: 
Organization Still Active
Part 5.
5a. Type of organization at its founding.: 
Non-Profit [IRS certified]
5b. Type of organization currently, or at the termination of activities.: 
Non-Profit [IRS certified]
Part 6.
6a. Does the organization have an archive?: 
6c. Other threats to the organization:: 
General apathy towards aesthetic life and the decreasing importance of critical consciousness.
Part 7.
How to emphasize the impoirtance of process without conforming to the cultural primacy of product.
7a. How important is to the organization to preserve the organization’s historical material. From 1 – Very Important to 5 – Not Important.: 
1. Very Important
7b. Has planning for the preservation and documentation of archive begun?: 
7c. Does the organization know how and where to seek expertise and assistance?: 
7d. Does the organization have specific concerns regarding starting an archive working with its historic materials?: 
Other Concerns - Please describe below.
Part 8.
8a. Is the organization's archives in the collection of another institution or promised to one?: 
8a. Location: 
An incentive has been implemented placing works from the Naked Eye Cinema into distribution by the Film Makers’ Cooperative (NYC). A collection of videos titled Naked Eye TV is held by the Royal S. Marks collection of the New York Public Library. Likewise related elements of the archives are available at the NYU Fales Downtown Collection in the Jack Waters Papers grouping. These include film negatives, prints and ephemera related to selected works by Jack Waters. Fales also holds written documents and publication not doirectly related to those three films that are part of the Naked Eye Cinema Cannon. Waters flms and the works of Peter Cramer, also under the Naked Eye rubric are in the collection of the Donnel Media Collection of the New York Public Library.
8b. Archival materials are also located at:: 
Where are these locations?: 
Documentation of the performances of POOL held in the collection of materials grouped with Hotel Armegeddon A’s Des Refuses; similar documentation held by videographer Franz Villa, and by photographer David Zades. Plans are underway to consolidate these elements.
Part 9.
9. Does the organization maintain archives for any other organization.: 
Allied Productions, Inc. shepherds the visual art archives of Abc No Rio. Allied also shares a portion of the media archives related to Abc No Rio including performance and exhibition documentation and the film and video collection known as Naked Eye Cinema, the film program of Abc No Rio from 1980 - 1990.
Part 10a.
10a. Is the archive accessible to scholars, curators or researchers?: 
Part 10d.
10d. Would you allow access in the future?: 
Part 10e.
10e. Under what circumstances would access to archives be allowed.: 
Once the archives are properly preserved and documented and there is a system to track, monitor and maintain the elements. Access to digital documentation of the archives will likely be the first stage of accessibility. Scholars and profrssionals in the field are welcome to peruse the archives however there is a need to organize and present the materials in a way that is effective and useful.
Part 11.
The following questions address the historical materials (type, quantity and storage) of the organization. 11a. Paper Files and Documents: 
Artist Files
Board Minutes
Exhibition or Production Files
Financial Records
Legal Documents
By-laws / Incorporation Documents
Other Paper Files
11b. Artwork and Documentation: 
Audiotapes [Any Format]
Other Audio Recordings (i.e. records, etc.)
CDs / DVDs [Pre-Recorded or CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / etc.]
Other Digital Materials
Prints / Lithographs / Etchings / Screenprints / etc.
Unique Art Objects
Other Artwork. Please describe below.
Three dimensional multi media installations, conceptual works.
11c. Press and Promotional Materials: 
Announcements, Mailing Cards, etc.
Newspaper / Magazine / Media Clippings
Posters / Flyers
Other Press or Promotional Materials:
11d. Printed Publications: 
Broadsides / Small Press
Commercially Published Materials
Checklists / Performance Programs / Price Lists
Programs of Events
Other Printed Publications - Please describe below.
Zines, artist made books.
11e. Other: 
Architectural Drawings / Floor Plan
Layouts / Sketches / Instructions for Installations
Layouts / Sketches / Instructions for Performances
Mock-Ups / Models / Prototypes
Props for Performances
Part 12.
12. What years does the materials cover?: 
Part 13.
13a. How is the material stored?: 
Other Boxes
File Cabinets
Please describe: 
13b. Are some or all of these storage units “archival”?: 
Part 14.
14a. Estimated Number of Boxes or Milk-Crate Sized Storage Units: 
31 - 40
14b. Estimated Number of Archive Drawers: 
11 - 20
14c. Estimated Number of Archive Notebooks: 
41 - 50
14d. Estimated the total Linear Feet. ["Linear Feet" is standard measure of the quantity of archival materials on the basis of shelf space occupied or the length of drawers in vertical files or the thickness of horizontally filed materials. For example, a: 
200 +
Other Archive Storage Units - Please describe below.: 
Film cans @ 75
Part 15.
15. Is the historical materials - or archives - inventoried or catalogued in any way, either formally or otherwise?: 
Part 16.
16a. Is there a key, index or finding aid to the materials inventoried?: 
16b. Paper-based:: 
Written or Typewritten Inventories
16c. Electronic Based:: 
Word Processing Document [i.e. Word]
Spreadsheet [i.e. Excel]
Part 16 / Electronic Files & Archival Management
16f. Does the organization have a back-up program, or back-up schedule, for its electronic records and perform monitoring of its removable media (i.e. floppies, ZIP disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, portable hard drives, etc.)?: 
16g. Who is responsible for working with the archival material?: 
General Staff
Part 16 / Database
16d. What type of database software is in use?: 
16e. If FileMakerPro, what version? Please describe below.: 
Part 17.
17. How are new materials processed?: 
Inventory List
Electronic (Database, etc.)
Part 18.
18. What, if any, conservation methods are in place for both physical materials and electronic data?: 
Fireproof Building / Fireproof Room
Part 19.
19. What type of climate-controls are present in the area[s] in which the archives are stored?: 
Some heating / air conditioning / humidity controls on demand or sporadically
Limited climate-controls
Part 20.
20a. What are the goals for the historical materials for the next year?: 
stabilize materials
20b. What are the biggest challenges to reaching these short-term goals?: 
Spatial limitations
20c. What goals are in place for the historical materials for the next three to five years?: 
Creating a greater public awareness via presentations, exhibitions, and educational activities.
20d. What are the biggest challenges to reaching these long term goals?: 
Developing understanding and appreciation in light of the works’ critical stance on product based economies
20e. Are there any additional goals for the organizations historic materials?: 
That in the challenging process of evaluating modes of preservation for this type of material it furthers critical understandings of the complex nature of history
Part 21.
21. Estimated cost to achieve these archival goals for the next year.: 
$7,001 - $10,000
Part 22.
22. Estimated cost to achieve these archival goals for the next five years.: 
$45,001 - $50,000
Part 24.
24. What archival issues could / should visual arts organizations address collectively in the next three to five years? Ranked from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority).24a. Shared standards / protocols for digitization: 
Promote professional standards / protocols for digitization
Part 25.
25a. Is the organization a member of, or in contact with, any organizations concerned with archival issues?: 
25b. Who?: 
Association of Moving Image Archives, New York State Archives, Franklin Furnace Archives, Martha Wilson, NYSCA, John Gartengerg, Bill Brand, Jim Hubbard
Allied Productions, Inc.
Who executed this survey.: 
Jack Waters
Is this survey complete and all appropriate questions answered?: