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Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona
Tel: 34 93 412 08 10 ext 366
Fax: 34 93 412 46 02

The MACBA Library offers the public a comprehensive collection on contemporary art that specifically references art from the mid-twentieth century to the present with an international scope. The library's collection contains approximately 9,000 volumes, which include monographs and exhibition catalogs, 270 magazines titles, 4,500 documentation files, press clippings, and various audiovisual materials. This documentation is continually updated with new acquisitions and is further enriched through the book exchange program that MACBA maintains with museums and art galleries around the world.

IVAM Institute of Modern Art Valencia
Guillem de Castro, 118
46003 Valencia
tel 963 867 703 and 963 867 668
fax 963 921 094

It has two premises: the Centre Julio González, opened in 1989, and the Sala de la Muralla opened in 1991.

The IVAM Library specializes in Modern Art. It contains 32,000 documents arranged in various sections. 1) Monographs on the theory, aesthetics and history of art and contemporary art movements.2) Section of artists, including monographs, catalogues raisonn»s and exhibition catalogues 3) Section of catalogue of group exhibitions, mostly obtained through the publications exchange policy maintained by the library with over 300 organizations in Spain and abroad 4) Section of audio-visual material, consisting of documents by leading video-artists, documentary videos related with modern art, recordings of talks given at the IVAM and other material 5) Section of Periodical Publications, with over 570 titles, of which about 130 are current subscriptions. Among the magazines that are no longer published are Verve, Cahiers d'Art, XX Siecle, Arts et Métiers Graphiques, Gebrauchsgraphik, URSS en construction, L'Esprit Nouveau, Wendingen, Chroniques de l'Art Vivant, etc.; the Spanish publications include Gaseta de les Arts, La Má Trencada, D'Acá i d'Allá, Pál & Ploma, La Rosa de los Vientos, Octubre, weeklies such as Mirador and Estampa, a fair number of reprints of magazines published during the Second Republic, and underground titles from the eighties such as Artics and Ampit. 6) Over 4,500 catalogue brochures 7) Archives of documentation on artists, with particularly important material related with Julio González and Josep Renau, whose collections include their personal libraries, correspondence, photographs and drawings 8) Archive of documentation on the IVAM, which includes its publications of catalogues, posters, brochures, press releases, etc.

Access: The services available include on-the-spot consultation of over 10,000 volumes that are freely available, and on-line access to the Library's catalogue. Catalogue on line

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS) Reina Sofia, Madrid
Santa Isabel, 52,
28012 Madrid
tel (91) 4675062
fax (91)5396824

The Library and Documentation Center at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is a department of the Museum whose primary aim is to serve as documentary support for both the Museum’s personnel and outside researchers and students, as well as to facilitate free and open access to its holdings specializing in contemporary art.

Opened on November 28, 1990, with an archive inherited from the former MEAC, the Library hosts an extensive collection of works from 1900 to today, as well as some nineteenth-century works previously mentioned. Currently, the Library is undertaking a project to digitalize documents that are of particular interest to the public.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Abandoibarra Et. 2
48001 Bilbao
tel. (94) 435 90 00

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Library specializes in 20th century art and is open to investigators, students, and the general public. Online Catalogue

Fundacion Telefonica
For many years, through its ART AND TECHNOLOGY DIVISION, the Telefonica Foundation has been paying special attention to artists who create their artwork using telecommunications and information technologies. It has sponsored and presented real and virtual exhibitions as well as stimulated discussion and reflection on the phenomenon and its social and artistic repercussions. The Telefonica Foundation is pleased to invite you to visit our website where the medium of the Internet presents the user with a new experience of interaction, participation and integration.

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea
Valle Inclán s/n
15704 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruá. Spain
tel: 0034-981 546 611
Has a specialized library on contemporary art and culture. The documentary collection consists of catalogues and artist´s monographs, exhibition catalogues, national and international periodical publications, audiovisual material, brochures, as well as activity programmes of different museums, calls for awards and competitions.

Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona
A consortium of contemporary cultural orgs in Barcelona. They have a documentation center, but the information is in Catalan. Some of the more avant garde organizations are:

(Projectes Poètics Sense Títol - Untitled Poetic Projects) was created in 1994 to publicize and promote contemporary poetry and interdisciplinary projects. It carries out activities on many fronts - readings, exhibitions and publication of magazines and catalogues - though in recent years it has concentrated above all on poetry readings, seen not just as a literary by-product, but as a form of poetic expression which is independent of writing.

A group of creators, but also cultural agitators. Their initiatives have been set in the context of the Sonoscop project, leading to ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the Orquestra and the CCCB. Sonoscop is a regular space at the CCCB devoted to the creation of sound archives for public consultation, research and exchange programs with institutions devoted to creation, archives and soundscapes, and the public showing of new creations as part of regular activities. Its activities include the Zeppelin Festival of Sound Art, which is open to any form of musical experimentation, with live music, sound installations, electronic concerts and a video program. And then there's En Red O, an annual meeting for reflection on sound art and electro-acoustic music.

OVNI Observatori de Video No Identificat (Unidentified Video Observatory) has organized the OVNI Festival of Independent Video and Interactive Phenomena since 1993. This international event is held every 18 months at the CCCB, based on a theme with a series of video (independent documentary, video art, video journal, etc.) and interactive programs (CD ROM, webs). Some of the festival's past themes have been Identity, Deconstruction of the Mass Media, the Dark Night of the Soul, The Inner Experience, Islam Nation, Borders and Migrations, Cities and Subjectivity, Experimental TV, and specific authors: William Burroughs, Guy Debord, Steve Reinke and Cane Capovolto, among others. OVNI is creating its own archives and corresponding data base, which will soon be available for consultation from its

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