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Archive of Russian Contemporary Art
website (English)
Art Project Charity Foundation
Lavrushinsky pereulok, 15, 109017, Moscow

The Foundation's Archive of Russian contemporary art collects and keeps documents on the history of local post war art and also keeps the record of the materials belonging to other university and private archives. The Archive of Russian contemporary art has incorporated the materials previously kept in the archives of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art and a number of private collections of documents.

Collection: A specialized library (800 catalogues of home and foreign exhibitions of contemporary art, 30 sets of home and foreign art magazines (1993-1999), books on philosophy, art history and theory of art; collection of critiques and information publications of Russian and foreign press on art process in Russia (from late 1980s onward); phototheque (photographs of exhibitions, portraits of artists, photos of works); slide collection; collection of artists' texts from 1960-1990 and unpublished articles of art historians and culturologists; collection of detailed ("full") biographies of classics of contemporary art of 1950s-1970s (made up of 14 "full" biographies - over 4 000 quires in Russian and English); permanently replenished collection of short biographies of contemporary artists; collection of invitation cards, posters and press releases for exhibitions (1990-2001); collection of audio interviews with artists from 1960s to 1990s.

Access: Write or call (095) 953-71-56 . At the moment the Foundation is extending the specialized Data Base, furnished with a multifunctional searching system. The Data Base will partly be open for free access on the Foundation's home page.

The Art Library of the State Russian Museum
site (English)
4, Ingenernaja street,
191011, Russia
Voice:+7(812) 595-4208
Catalogue online (English)

Collection: Located in the central part of Mikhailovsky Palace. The Library, which focuses on Russian art, has been actively developed since the 1910s. It collects both books specially bought by the Museum and whole collections. The Library's holdings number 160,000. The Rare Books Section has about 5.000 items. The Library annually subscribes to Russian and foreign periodicals (magazines and newspapers).

Access: Since 1997 all readers of the Library have an opportunity to look for the information via Internet. Readers can search bibliographical information in the Library in different ways. These are traditional and not-traditional search means: a general alphabetical catalogue, subject catalogue, card index of persons (artists, sculptors and architects), card index of works of research workers of the State Russian Museum, editions of the State Russian Museum, exhibitions, alphabet card index of articles, and other means. Professional bibliographers and art historians can also carry out bibliographical inquiries by phone or in written form. Besides traditional forms of storage and dissemination of information, there has been a computer informational-searching system in the Library since 1993, there are about 28.000 descriptions in our electronic catalogue (about 28% of the fund - all new acquisitions since 1993 + retrospective). You can search bibliographical information according to the name of author, title, the year of edition, or key word. Specialist librarians can acquaint you in case of need with our card catalogue and will help you to work with our electronic catalogue and by Internet. Inquiry-bibliographical service is possible in the library, by phone, or e-mail. Offerings concerning the purchase of rare books and magazines can be examined. For further information please contact by phone +7(812)595-4208 or e-mail: