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Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland
Ujazdowski Castle
Documentation and Information Department
Al. Ujazdowskie 6
00-461 Warsaw, Poland
tel.:(48 22) 628-6408
fax.(48 22) 628-9550

A contemporary art center with Library, reading room, video archive and its own exhibition archives online since 1995. The Centre for Contemporary Art is a place for the creation and documentation of art in all its forms. The Centre achieves its goals through exhibitions, performances, presentations of visual theatre, concerts of contemporary music, showings of experimental films, video art, shows and creative workshops, as well as various interdisciplinary events

The Library
tel. +48 (0)22 628 12 71/3 ext. 112, 114
The library stocks numerous magazines, journals, and other publications on contemporary art, as well as a wide selection of exhibition catalogues.
open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Archive of Polish Experimental Film

The Archive of Polish Experimental Film was established in the year 2000 at the Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. In its essence, the archive is a research project that focuses on analyzing media-based creative expressions in Polish art, including experimental cinema from the 1920s to the present and art projects created within the electronic media realm (video art, new media art).

The archive was created as a means for collecting, preserving, renovating and reconstructing various manifestations of Polish media art. Public presentations (screenings, exhibitions) are a very important aspect of the archive`s activities, as are its efforts at building a body of theoretical and historical analysis of the materials and works it assembles, analysis which takes the form of the publications and catalogues the archive produces. At present the archive consists of approximately five hundred works.

Muzeum Sztuki
ul. Więckowskiego 36
90-734 Łódź
tel. (00 48 42) 633 97 90
fax (00 48 42) 632 99 41

The library has been included in the museum’s structure since its beginning. In its first period there was primarily large historical and literary book collection of the Bartoszewicz family with a significant collection of old prints as well as an essential archival collection – the famous Portfolios of the Bartoszewicz family. The reading room, where one could familiarize oneself with this book collection, was opened on October 1, 1933. After Marian Minich, Ph.D., was appointed director of the museum, the book collection was donated to the Public Library with the consent of heirs of the Bartoszewicz family. Since that time the museum’s library has been shaped as a professional book collection in the field of art history. In 1968 as decided by Director Ryszard Stanisławski, it became an integral part of newly created Department of Scientific Documentation.

Collection includes 16972 books, 22270 artistic exhibition catalogues and 915 titles of periodicals. The library collects primarily publications in the field of art history with special emphasis on art of the 20th and 21st century, but it also takes into account primary publications from other humanities fields. In the collection there is also special documentation concerning avant-garde art (inter alia documentation of Artur Nacht-Samorski, documentation of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, and a little collection of artistic books).

Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Długa 26/28
00-950 Warsaw
phone + 48 22 50-48-218
+ 48 22 50-48-269
fax + 48 22 831-31-49

The Special Collection of the Institute of Art covers a rich set of documents serving as a grounds for the research into history of Polish artistic life in the broad meaning of the term in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Collection contains 1840 inventory numbers (each covering from one to almost several hundred archival units), 1983 microfilms, 281 photocopies and ca 1000 microcards. Available catalogues: alphabetical, of provenance, of doctoral dissertations, theatre plays, Archives of the Art Propagation Institute in alphabetical order, of microfilms and photocopies.

Archival collection is available to researchers and students in the Reading Room. Doctoral dissertations available only with prior author's agreement. Those who are willing to use the Collection for the first time are required to obtain a written permission of the Management of the IS PAN. The Reading Room has a catalogue of the collection.

National Museum in Warsaw
Al. Jerozolimskie 3
00-495 Warsaw
Tel. +48 22 621 10 31
Fax +48 22 622 85 59

The Archive of the National Museum in Warsaw gathers, stores and makes accessible archive materials created by the Museum itself or related to the institution since its creation up to present time.

During first decades of the Museum the Archive was subordinated to the Director’s Office. After World War II, the first attempt to unite and arrange the existing resources was made in 1973. However, the Archive of the National Museum in Warsaw acquired the status of a separate organisational unit only in 1987. Since then they have began systematic gathering, arranging and studying of archive materials from between various museum’s departments. Now, this set encompasses 207.6 linear meters and is formed by three basic sets of the museum’s archive records: Museum of Fine Arts, 1862–1916, National Museum of the Capital City of Warsaw, 1916–1945, National Museum in Warsaw, 1945 – (years 1971–2000 underway) and also Press cuttings, 1890–2006.

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