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Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority ABM-utvikling
Postbox 8145 Dep
0033 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 23 11 75 00
Fax: +47 23 11 75 01

The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (ABM-utvikling) is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, but it also works across departmental and other administrative boundaries. The majority of sources of knowledge and information extend across archives, libraries and museums and include art, sound, photography, film, archival materials and literature.

The ABM-utvikling runs an online resource that serves as the official gateway to culture in Norway. The site contains an artist index and overview of more than 10 000 professional artists, bands and performing groups either Norwegian or living in Norway, a guide to cultural institutions galleries, libraries, museums, archives, concert halls etc. in Norway, with a total of over 3 400 institutions, calendar for cultural events all over Norway, a culture map where you can navigate and find institutions such as libraries, museums and archives.

National Museum of Contemporary Art Norway
Kristian Augusts gate 23
Oslo, Norway
Tel.: + 47 21 98 20 00

The National Museum of Contemporary Art is Norway's largest museum of Norwegian and international visual art from the post-1945 period. The Museum's research library has a collection of some 9 000 works, consisting primarily of books and exhibition catalogues on contemporary art and artists, but also on related subjects such as art history, art theory and aesthetics, and background subjects such as philosophy and cultural sociology. As well as books and catalogues, the library has an extensive archive of press cuttings, a video collection, a large slide collection and around 130 periodicals.

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