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Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci
Contemporary Art Archives Library
Viale della Repubblica, 277
59100 Prato (Italy)
tel: (+39) 0574 531842
Fax: (+39) 0574 531900/901

Founded in 1988, its function is to gather and distribute information concerning exhibitions held at the most important cultural institutions all over the world, and art movements that have taken place in recent decades. It contains 32,000 biographical items related to artists and documented in the library's information catalog. Of particular interest to scholars are the library's three special collections:

The Ferruccio Marchi Collection is dedicated mainly to the period following the Second World War with special emphasis on the Sixties and Seventies and themes which arose at that time such as Arte Povera, Land Art, Conceptual, etc., or exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, the Triennale in Milan and Documenta at Kassel.

The Artists Book Collection consists of books illustrated by artists, books and catalogs from exhibitions designed by artists, book-objects and books as works of art. At the present time it consists of 70 works.

The Francesco Vincitorio Collection, which was acquired in 1994, contains the papers of the art critic Francesco Vincitorio with representatives of the art world, a photographic archive and the collection in five volumes of the magazine NAC-Notiziario di Arte Contemporanea (1968-1974) which he founded.

Open-shelf library with 30,000 bibliographical items including exhibition catalogs, catalogs of public and private collections, essays and specialized monographs difficult to find, and a newspaper and magazine library containing 132 specialized Italian and foreign periodicals. An index of the articles and reviews of exhibitions contained in certain Italian periodicals is produced in real time."Minor" documentary resources in the CID/Visual Arts library include collections of posters, invitations and press releases linked to exhibitions of contemporary art, which provide information on more ephemeral artistic events or for which a catalog was not produced. Furthermore, as a complement to the collection of documents, the library collects international art repertoires, newsletters and museum guides, auction lists and the catalogs of specialist publishers.
PONET catalogue

Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto
Mart Rovereto
corso Bettini, 43
38068 Rovereto TN
tel 0464.438887
fax 0464.430827

via R. da Sanseverino, 45
38100 Trento
tel 0461.234860
fax 0461.234007
The Consolidated MART catalogue

There are 35,000 individual files in the archives and 7,000 illustrated files on the paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and other works of art in the dual sited museum's collections, and 30,000 books in the library.

The catalogues for each of MART's three sections, i.e. the collections, archives and library, are on-line. These are all fully integrated so that cross-referenced searches can be carried out by subject, author, period, historic and artistic connection, affinity and more. Such cross-references point out continuous suggestions and connections between paintings and documents, personal letters and books by or about artists.

Turin Museum Foundation
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 78
10121 Torino
Tel: +
Fax: +

Art Library and Photo Archive
Via Magenta, 31
10124 TORINO
tel. +39 (0)11.4429555
The Library Foundation of Turin Art Museums is a reference library specializing in the history of ancient art, modern and contemporary art, criticism and museology, archeology, and ethnography. Consisting of more than 100,000 volumes and including CD-ROMs, DVDs, videotapes and audio tapes, it is cataloged according to Italian rules RICA and ISBD. Since 1997, the library adheres to the jointly held the rating of SBN (National Library Service) and the library catalogue is now available online.

The photo archive contains a large collection of black and white and color images. The collection consists of documentation of the artistic heritage of Piedmont, and an important series of architectural images.

MUSEION, Museum fur moderne und zeitgenssische Kunst / Museo d'Arte moderna e contemporanea Bolzea
(Bolzano is in Italy, on the border of Germany)

Museum of modern and contemporary art
via Sernesi 1
I-39100 Bolzano,
tel 0471 977116
fax 0471 312460
Library's catalogue online

MUSEION, an exhibition site for contemporary art in Bolzano has existed since 1987. Geographically situated in the border region of two countries, the various exhibition projects deal with the relation between the Italian and the German-speaking language areas. The collection hosts about 1700 works of national and international art, and the specialized library offers 8000 titles on modern and contemporary art. At MUSEION, the collection as well as the library specialize in Art and Language. Some documentary materials on these subjects.

Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna
Piazza Costituzione 3
40128 Bologna
tel +39 051 502859
fax +39 051 371032

Museo Morandi
Piazza Maggiore 6
40121 Bologna
tel +39 051 203629