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Danmark's Nationale Privatarkivdatabase DANPA
States Arkiver
Rigsdagsgården 9
DK-1218 Kbh. K.
tel.: +45 33 92 33 10

Archive links to various resources such as, Danish private archives, regional archives, the Danish State Archives, the Royal Library as well as at various special collections. These archives have holdings by a variety of persons, societies, organizations, institutions, businesses, shops etc., and are collected and preserved by a large number of cultural institutions listed here.

Danish National Art Gallery/ Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
1307 Copenhagen K, Denmark
tel.: +45 3374 8494
fax: +45 3374 8404

The Library
As far back as 1837, i.e. before Statens Museum for Kunst was established, the museum library was founded in connection with the Royal Collection of Paintings at Christiansborg. The library at Statens Museum for Kunst is a specialist research library on art, primarily intended for use by the museum's own researchers, tour guides, student assistants, and other staff. It is also the main library for Drawing and Graphic Arts and library for Visual Arts.

The Book Collection
The library boasts a collection of approximately 100,000 books and 330 journals. This collection covers painting, sculpture, drawing, and graphic arts, and bears particular relevance to the artists and works represented at Statens Museum for Kunst. The annual accessions to the library amount to approximately 1,300 volumes. The library exchanges exhibition catalogues and stock catalogues with art museums abroad, which means that a great many of the new accessions are of this type.

The library also features a catalogue archive - a unique collection of all Danish exhibition catalogues. Practically all Danish museums and galleries regularly submit exhibition materials to this archive. The library has an extensive collection of both Danish and international auction catalogues.

The Archives
The library includes various archives, such as: A letters archive, containing original artists' letters and general correspondence. A press-cuttings archive with cuttings on art, artists, and exhibitions in Denmark.
Access: Appointments/arrangements for use of the library's books and other materials should be made by a written request, stating the reason for the visit.

Gl. Strand 48
DK-1202 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel. + 45 33 36 02 60
Fax + 45 33 36 02 66

Since Kunstforeningen was founded in 1825 it has won international recognition for its pioneering temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art from Denmark and abroad.
Kunstforeningen stages five to six exhibitions each year, and is a keen supporter of innovative and progressive works of art. No info on a library or archives, at least in the shorter English version of the website.

The Royal Library, Copenhagen
Postbox 2149
DK-1016 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel.: (+45) 33 47 47 47

The Royal Library consists of several subjects particularly, the Danish National Art Library and the National Museum of Photography.

The Danish National Art Library has vast collections of items of a more archival character, documenting the Danish art and exhibitions in Denmark. You may view or study any of these resources, whose various characteristics are described below, in the library's Study Room - Danish architecture and art, after having requested them through the library catalogue ARBIS. The resources fall into five main categories:

The Catalogue Collection: comprising invitiations, press releases, works descriptions and catalogues from exhibitions (in Denmark and abroad) of Danish artists, as well as exhibitions of foreign artists in Denmark. The collection also includes Danish art auction catalogues form 1900 onwards.

The Photographic Collection: documenting the works of Danish artists. Until 1975 the medium is mostly black-and-white print photographic reproductions; after 1975 it is mostly diapositives (slides).

Collection of Newspaper Clippings: comprises Hjalmar Bruhn's art history clippings collection (covering art and art society from 1800 to 1940), as well as the library's own clippings (collected from the 1970's through 1999). It contains articles on Danish artists, art exhibition reviews, art debates, etc.

Special collections: The Archive holds large, old collections of photos documenting architecural and artistic works from abroad. During the years, other picture collections have been added, either as gifts or as purchases. The Archive further contains the documentation material from several artists themselves, kindly donated to the archive either by the artists or by their heirs.

Weilbach's Archive: The archive comprises data and files on Danish artists and architects. The archive collections go back more than 125 years. At its core is the material collected by Philip Weilbach when he produced the two first editions of his artist's dicitonary, Dansk Konstnerleksikon published 1877-78, and Nyt Dansk Kunstnerleksikon published 1896-97. Among the contents of the archive there is a unique collection of letters from artists and/or their families, with whom Mr. Weilbach corresponded personally in order to obtain information for his work. A very large portion of the archive consists of information collected while preparing the third and fourth editions of the dictionary, published 1947-1952 and 1994-2000, respectively. Materially, it consists of a vast card file catalaogue based on archive files, books, exhibition catalogues, and journals, supplemented by questionaires filled by artists on the requests of the repsective editorial boards. In all, the archive holds information on approximately 35,000 Danish artists, spanning from the Middle Ages till 1989, which was the last year of collecting information for the fourth edition.

The National Photo Museum of the Royal Library has a collection of more than 50,000 works, divided into Danish photography, foreign photography and several special collections, amongst others the largest amount of daguerreotypes in Scandinavia. Works from the beginnings of the photography up to social critical studies of contemporary art: work Imogen Cunningham, Edward Steichen, William, Henry Fox, Albert Renger Renger-Patzsch and Man Ray; conceptual photography of the 1970s, contemporary photography and Danish photography from 1839 to today.

Danish Visual Arts Centre
HC Andersens Boulevard 2
1553 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel.: +45 3374527

The Danish Arts Agency’s Visual Arts Centre handles the secretarial functions of a number of committees under the Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Arts Council including the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Art. The Archive of Danish Visual Art Archive is a significant part of Visual Art Center’s information work and is funded by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Art. is a digital archive presenting Danish contemporary visual artists and their work. The archive, which is continually expanded consists of the profiles of nearly 200 professional visual artists and artist groups presently active in Denmark and abroad and aims to provide a diverse insight into the contemporary Danish art scene. This entails that the individual artist admitted in the archive has the full control over and the complete responsibility for the content of his or her profile within the frames for scope, formats and structure that are predefined and in conformity with the current legislation on copyright and publication.

The archive is primarly directed at an audience of art professionals in Denmark and abroad. It provides an introduction to the Danish contemporary art scene where a first survey of the field is accessible and the paths for further research can be marked. Moreover, the archive is accessible as a useful tool for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about contemporay art in Denmark. It is operated by the Visual Arts Centre in the Danish Arts Agency and funded by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Arts.

Archives Of Independent Danish Video Art
Themstrupvej 36
DK-4690 Haslev, Denmark
Tel: +46 56 31 21 21

The Archive collects information on independent Danish video art works and Danish artists working with video. Independent meaning that the artists represented are not associated with a commercial gallery. In this respect, the Archives are non-inclusive concerning Danish artists working with video art between 1979 and around 2005. You can get information about Danish artists working with video and information about individual artworks, usually with a short video trailer. You can also find information based on the titles of the video art works.

Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum
KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
Kong Christians Allé 50
9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Tel: +45 9982 4100

Located in Aalborg, the Museum houses a large collection of Danish and foreign art from the end of the 18th Century to the present. KUNSTEN's Library and Archive consists of an extensive collection of books, catalogues, periodicals, press cuttings and other documents dealing primarily with modern and contemporary art. It is a non-circulating library but a significant portion of the library collection can be accessed via NOBIS, the online database of The City Library of Aalborg.

The Museum of Contemporary Art (Word, Image, Sound)
Stændertorvet 3D
4000 Roskilde, Denmark
Tel: +45 46 31 65 70
Fax: +45 46 31 65 71

Located in Roskilde, the museum exhibits works of art based on sounds, pictures, and words - as well as combinations of these modes of expression. The collection documents acoustic art, performance, dance, and other non-permanent artistic expressions. The website provides information on the museum's exhibitions, collections, and events along with their library and online catalogue.

Institute of Contemporary Art
Overgaden Neden Vandet 17
DK-1414 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45 32 57 72 73

A state, artist-maintained exhibition venue for contemporary art, which aims to make exhibition rooms available for graphic artists. The website presents exhibitions, news, information about the centre, and application guidelines. (In Danish and English)

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