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Croatia Museum of Contemporary Art
Library and Archives
Habdeliceva 2
10000 Zagreb
tel: 01/48-51-930
fax: 01/48-51-931

The Contemporary Art Museum is today's name of the City of Zagreb Galleries, consisting of the Contemporary Art Gallery, Centre for Photography, The Benko Horvat Collection, Library, and Documentation Department. It once included The Mestrovic Atelier (Today's Mestrovic Foundation), The Primitive Art Gallery (The Croatian Naive Art Museum), and The "Jozo Kljakovic" Collection, which are now under the management of the Visual Arts Education centre. The Museum was established in 1954 with the purpose of following, documenting, and promoting contemporary art events, styles, and phenomena. The Gallery immediately began to establish its own holdings and act as a museum establishment, following modern museological principles and needs of the period.

The Library of the Museum of Contemporary Art is the only specialized library in Croatia collecting literature from the area of both Croatian and foreign contemporary art. It consists of the works from the area of art theory, reviews, essays, presentations of various style periods, memoirs, monographs, exhibition catalogues, and contemporary art periodicals.

The Library was established alongside the Museum in 1954. Today, the Library includes around 20,000 volumes. The average annual increase of the library holdings amounts to around 400 volumes, mostly acquired through the exchange of its own publications with those of related institutions. The largest part of the holdings consists of over 200 both local and foreign periodicals.