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Museum of Art Contemporary of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Street of the Reitoria, 160 - University City
Sao Paulo, Brazil 05508-900
Telephone: (05511) 3091-3039
Fax: (05511) 3812-0218

Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Paraná
Rua Des. Westphalen, 16 - 80010-110
Curitiba – Paraná
Tel.: +41 3222-5172
Fax: +41 3323-52298

Established by official decree of 11 March 1970, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná (MAC/PR) is a state public institution, the objectives of which consist of bringing together and housing works by Brazilian artists, above all from Paraná, in order to promote contemporary production.

The museum has a library (books and periodicals) specializing in art history and art criticism, a research and documentation sector on contemporary art, with catalogues, photos, slides and videos of national and international artists, and special rooms for temporary individual and collective exhibitions. It carries out cultural activities, such as meetings with artists and critics, cycles of videos and workshops, and educational activities, above all monitored visits by schools and for interested individuals.