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Kunsthaus Bregenz
Karl Tizian Platz
A-6900 Bregenz
Tel +43 5574 48594-0
Fax +43 5574 48594-8

The Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) is primarily an exhibition space for contemporary art. Prominent thematic emphasis is placed on the interactions and connecting points between art and architecture/design. Since 1991, a collection of contemporary Austrian art and of international works in the art/architecture field (archiv kunst architektur) has been being compiled. Objects from these collections are featured in various exhibitions and also go on loan to international exhibition houses.

Collection: Archiv Kunst Architektur Collection and Archive
The collection of the aka is a documentation of works in the field of fine arts and architecture. Projects - in part unrealized and unpublished projects - in this field will be documented and available for research. At the same time, they are preserved here, since until now they have only limited presence in collections or the art market. This collection is a study collection; a permanent display in a museum setting is not planned at the moment. The focal point of the collection of aka is works by living artists. Older, historical connections are documented for the library and the archive. Includes works and projects by artists and architects as originals, models, drawings, sketches, plans, and complete pictorial and textual documentation (photographs, slides, documents, correspondence, bibliographies). Architectonic works such as studios, museums, sacral works, etc. (Bill, Heerich, Judd, Sandback, Walther, etc.) Architectonic works as part of a Gesamtkunstwerk (Kolig, W. Pichler, etc.) Archetypes (Axcock, M. Merz, R. Morris, etc.) Architectonic sculpture (Goeschl, Kirkeby, Karavan, Trakas, etc.) Land art (Long, de Maria, etc.) Space as theme (Buren, Leitner, Rockenschaub, Sandback, Turrell, etc.) Historical, philosophical, social and psychological aspects of architecture (Acconci, Gang Art, G. Merz, Sch?tte, etc.) Autonomous architecture: programmatic, utopian, fantastic, ideal etc. projects and buildings (Gehry, Coop Himmelblau, Rossi, Krier, Abraham, Giselbrecht, Libeskind etc.) Future plans to add to archive: Architecture and design in Vorarlberg; Touching points Art/Design - Design/Architecture; Spaces for art (museums, galleries) Art in the public space
The focal point of the archive concept is the documentation of a select group of international contemporary artists and architects in whose work the aka•s theme - the analysis of the relationship between art and architecture - is fundamentally significant. A complete documentation is planned, including literature, bibliographies, illustrations, and the artists' biographies in order to provide a solid foundation for research.

Access: Application of HIDA-MIDAS The inventory and documentation is done using the data bank HIDA-MIDAS (Hierarchic document administrator), following the system of the Marburg Photo and Picture Archive (Marburger Inventarisations- und Dokumentationssystematik). Data bank and system are oriented according to the needs of the standard registration and documentation of works of art. The KUB is also in touch with numerous institutions throughout the German-speaking area by means of the DISKUS system (Digitales Archiv Kunstgeschichte).

Generali Foundation
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15
1040 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: + 43 1 504 98 80
Fax: + 43 1 504 98 83

As the private art association of an insurance company, the Generali Foundation takes on tasks that are increasingly neglected due to growing economic pressure on art institutions to conform to market demands. Doing research on and preserving contemporary art works, as well as documentation and public presentation, are thus important aspects of the Generali Foundation's activities. The website is a central element in these endeavors: it not only presents the latest information, but also constitutes a steadily growing archive. (Actually, it only seems to have archival info on previous exhibitions.) The Generali Foundation was established in 1988 by the Generali Group Austria, a group of insurance companies as a private and non-profit-making art association for the promotion of contemporary art.

Collection: The core of the Library consists of around 8,500 monographs, catalogues, and theoretical works, including all current and several rare historical art journals. The comprehensive Media Library provides films (as video copies) and videos from the collection as well as an extensive archive of sound-works from the seventies for on-location study.

Access: The Reference Room offers a reference only facility, thus all available materials must be studied on the premises and cannot be taken out on loan. The Reference Room can be used free of charge. Visitors are asked to mention the Generali Foundation as a source when presenting their research and to supply the Reference Room with a copy of their completed academic project. Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Thursdays until 8 p.m. Please arrange an appointment in advance Phone + 43 1 504 98 80-13 E-mail: